Colossal Wild Gulf Shrimp

Mild in flavor and tender in texture, Colossal Wild Gulf Shrimp are extremely versatile and always delicious. Their impressive size and subtle, clean taste makes them worthy of the center of the plate for main courses or as the star of your party appetizers. This should be your go-to cocktail shrimp!

Sold shell-on, they can be cooked with or without their shells. (Cooking shell-on helps seal in flavor, and many chefs swear by it.) If you want to peel them before serving, their size makes that quick work. If you're grilling, the shell protects the meat.

Caught in a well-regulated fishery, Wood's Fisheries shrimp are chem-free. Since 1860, five generations of the Wood family have been landing shrimp in Port St. Joe, Florida on the Gulf Coast. Today, the boats Wood's works with are fishing from the Carolinas down around Florida and into the Gulf of Mexico and hold to a high standard of environmental stewardship and care for the product. 

Sold in 16oz packs of individually frozen (IQF) colossal shrimp, 9-12 shrimp per pound, shell on.

$29.95 USD