The Ultimate Beef Experience

Set the table with the best that the midwest provides.

Create a meal you’re proud of with only the best locally sourced meat and gourmet goods without wondering who you’re supporting and where they come from. At Fire & Salt Co., we partner with ranchers and farmers here in the heartland who are dedicated to doing the hard things that keep America running. Discover why we’re the trusted source of high-quality products dedicated to providing a unique destination experience within our rural community.

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Tomahawk steak

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Locally sourced, hand selected

Various cuts of raw steak

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Flavored Olive Oils

Olive Oils

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Real Beef, From Real Farmers

Midwest Beef to Midwest Tables Without the Big City Middle Man

Whether you’re from rural America or the City, we celebrate everyone who does the hard things every single day to keep this country great. We remove misguided fad marketing that undermines modern agriculture, providing you with only the best premium natural beef and gourmet goods for entertaining your family and friends.

100% Local Beef
Unique Experience
Premium Products

Respect the Hard Things

Every day Americans are what make this nation great.